Surveys & Monitoring Contracts

Ventilation hygiene

The following areas are examined in the review of the ventilation hygiene:

Fresh & Recycled Air with particular reference to proximity of inlet locations to contaminant sources.

Filtration with reference to size, efficiency and condition.

Chillers & Heaters for cleanliness and contamination.

Humidification Equipment is checked for cleanliness and contamination.

Fan Sections for nutrient contamination, debris formation and belt condition.

Air Handling Units are checked internally and externally for conditions that effect air quality.

Fire Damper Equipment for corrosion and damage.

More on Ventilation Hygiene

Sound Attenuators for damage which may allow escape of mineral wool to the supply air.

Remote chiller and heater coils are surveyed for contaminants that accumulate over the supply faces of the remote chiller and heater batteries and thus provide a source of microbiological proliferation.

Volume control/mixing boxes their design can allow for accumulation of dirt and debris, under certain conditions this can be discharged into the air space.

Supply diffusers staining of supply diffusers and streaking onto localized ceiling areas is both cosmetically and hygienically unsatisfactory.