Water Hygiene Disinfections


Disinfection using chlorine to domestic water storage tanks and associated services are undertaken by our own technical team staff to industry standards as specified in BS 8558:2011. This may include cleaning works where applicable. Following the disinfection detailed certification to the appropriate standards is issued in pdf format.

Chlorine Dixoide

In cases where more powerful disinfectants are required Phase Technology has experience in continuous on-line dosing equipment or single dose applications of chlorine dioxide


Silver and Hydrogen peroxide solution is a newly introduced means of disinfection, enabling a safe and effective means of disinfection without interruption to services

Other Disinfections

Online Disinfections

In the prevention and control of legionella bacteria, chlorine dioxide has taken an eminent roll. The specific characteristics of the disinfectant make sure chlorine dioxide can succeed where others fail.


Biofilm on the pipe surfaces can protect legionella from chlorine based disinfectants. Chlorine dioxide however removes the biofilm and kills the bacteria, spores and viruses.

Dosing Equipment

Phase Technology is able to provide and service a range of automatic chlorine dioxide dosing systems. The systems we use are chosen for their safety features and their generic nature. This means that are clients capital investment is not tied to Phase Technology


It is a recommendation of HSG274 that showers are dismantled, cleaned, descaled and disinfected at least every 3 months. Phase Technology can provide this service. The shower descale and disinfection will include a report on the shower condition and completion of the site logbook. If clients undertake this work themselves we recommend the use of our Phasechem Descale Plus.

Phasechem Descale Plus was designed for the safe descale and disinfection of showerheads and hoses. It is supplied in liquid form in 5 litre containers, and is used by diluting with water, Phasechem Descale Plus. uses a proven potable grade biocide to kill any legionella bacteria and a liquid decalent to remove the scale. Phasechem Descale Plus is safe, quick and easy to use.