Duct Work

Cleaning is undertaken to remove accumulated contaminants that can support microbial growth and be ejected into the workplace. Physical contaminants also reduce ventilation effectiveness exacerbating building related illnesses.

Micro Organisms

Specialist cleaning of contaminated ductwork is generally carried in line with BESA TR19 guidelines and our own method statements.
Contaminated ductwork such as that found in a pharmaceutical premises or laboratories with fume extracts requires more specialist cleaning. This cleaning may include washing the ductwork with disinfectant prior to removal and demolition.

Refurbishment & Service

Air handling plant should be fully cleaned on an annual basis, prolonging the useful life of plant and improving energy and efficiency.

Disinfection of wetted surfaces and condensate drain trays is required to prevent bacteria growth.

Surface corrosion within a unit will be wire brushed clean to reveal base metal and if necessary, the exposed metal surfaces will be painted with a corrosion inhibiting paint.