Domestic Systems

Water Hygiene

The control of water hygiene and water quality is a requirement for building owners and managers. Compliance with the regulations and maintaining the quality of water storage and distribution inline with the HSG274 Guidance is essential in reducing the risk of legionella proliferation in the systems.

Storage Systems

The correct storage of cold water is an integral component of an effective water hygiene regime. Tank refurbishment is often an effective way to immediately improve water quality. Replacement / Refurbishment of water tanks can be required due to a poor condition of the existing tank or because it is over-sized.

An existing tank should only hold a maximum 24 hours water supply. Your L8 Risk Assessment will identify if either of these apply to your premises.

Water Tank Assistance

Water Tank Replacement

Phase Technology is able to undertake tank replacement projects. We have successfully completed replacement tanks ranging from 500 litres to 50,000 litres capacity. All our tanks comply to L8 and current water regulations.

Water Tank Refurbishment

If replacement is not an option Phase Technology can offer a number of refurbishment options including: 

  • Relining internal surfaces with WRAS approved materials
  • Replacement pre insulated Lids
  • Sparge pipes for even water distribution
  • Insect and Rodent screens for overflows and warning pipes
  • Pipework reconfiguration to comply with L8 guidelines or your Risk Assessment.
  • Hollow support tube replacement

Showers & Descaling


It is a recommendation in HSG274 that showers are dismantled, cleaned, descaled and disinfected at least every 3 months. Phase Technology can provide this service. The shower descale and disinfection will include a report on the shower condition and completion of the site logbook. If clients undertake this work inhouse we recommend the use of our chemical product details below.

Phasechem Descale Plus.

Phasechem Descale Plus was designed for the safe descale and disinfection of showerheads and hoses. It is supplied in liquid form in 5 litre containers, and is used by diluting with water.

Phasechem Descale Plus uses a proven potable grade biocide to kill any legionella bacteria and a liquid decalent to remove the scale. Phasechem Descale Plus is safe, quick and easy to use. 

Taps & Outlets

Scaled and dirty taps and outlets are often the source of microbiological problems. These can include coliform bacteria, general bacteria and Legionella.

A clean and scale free tap is much less likely to harbour bacteria than a dirty one.

Phase Technology provides a tap and outlet descale and disinfection service. Following a tap descale and disinfection the tap can be restored to its original clean condition and free from bacterial contamination.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

TMV’s are designed to deliver hot water at a safe temperature to the users. 

However if not correctly maintained TMV’s can be the source of microbiological problems.

Phase Technology provides a TMV maintenance service.

This includes measurement of the safe delivery temperature, undertaking a fail-safe test and a valve service which includes strainer cleaning and valve disinfection.

Vending Machines & Disinfections

Vending Machines

Drinks and vending machines under certain circumstances can promote the growth of undesirable bacteria. These bacteria can affect the taste of the drinking water and sometimes affect the health of the user. It is important therefore to periodically monitor vending water quality to ensure that the machines are being correctly maintained and safe to use.

Phase Technology recommends screening of vending machines for Total Viable bacteria, coliform bacteria and pseudomonas aeruginosa. These bacteria can cause hygiene and taste problems with the dispensed drinks.


In cases where chlorinations  or disinfections are required Phase Technology has a range of  solutions.